Our Story

We can't wait for you to get LIT up!

At LIT, we believe that life should be a party … When the sun goes down, everyone should leave a little time to unwind and get LIT up.

With one push of a button, LIT lights your way and lets you take your party wherever you go.

Ever wonder how LIT got started?

LIT is the brainchild of longtime friends, Steve and Eric. Steve worked in the fitness industry and Eric ran his own LED lighting business. They reconnected to consult on an energy drink and although the world just wasn’t ready for a glow-in-the-dark drink (sad, right?), it WAS ready to consider bigger, better and a whole lot Brighter beverage ideas. And that’s how LIT was born.

Now, with the help of their friends Fernando and Phil, LIT is up and running and ready to spread a little joy.

At LIT, everything is personal

We wanted to offer you a product that WE were passionate about, something that was unlike anything that was on the market. After experiencing the impact color has on our moods, we did some research and learned that you can change your mood and alter your environment based on the colors you surround yourself with. When we realized that colored light could wake up, relax, sharpen our awareness and thinking, or inspire calm through the use of color, we decided to take it to the next level.

Ready to enhance your brand and light up your venue, event, celebration, or campaign?

LIT is here to help make that happen ... Let us help you light up your party and bring the celebration to the world around you!

Ready to get LIT UP?