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LED Products & Technology

A Team Unified in Culture, Philosophy & Vision

LitUp Beverages, LLC. is a technology company providing products and services across multiple industries, including Hospitality, Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub, Event Planning and more.  Our core product, LitUp lighting units, provide the ability to engage customers and enhance their experience by introducing a fun and exciting new “Glow” concept in a variety of form-factors.

With LitUp, you can make your favorite drinks “Glow” and catch the attention of everyone around, thereby shining a light on your brand or company logo.  We provide customization through private labeling of our products, and want to make sure that your name or event stays front-and-center throughout the life of the product.  We offer you the option of plain or custom branded labels or direct printing on cups, cans and containers, and access to our Formulary provider for filled LED-lit cans or other container formats. 

The lights last up to 25 HOURS of continuous use and have 3 Modes – Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe, Still/Solid Color.  (Comes with replaceable batteries to enhance collectability.)    

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, cruise ship, non-profit organization, music festival, theme park, political event, bowling alley, night club, church, carnival or resort, helping you shine a light on your party is our goal.

LitUp is not a drink, it’s an experience.

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